Preparing for Your Session

Some thoughts on preparing for your photo session:

What should I wear?
-Wear clothes that expresses who you are and for the type of look you want to achieve. I suggest that you wear your favorite clothes to the photo session.
-It is best to keep it simple wearing solid colors. Plain colors such as black, gray, or white always look great. The idea is to keep the focus on you.
-Jewelery and other accessories should be minimal and understated so as not to be distracting. We can see how it looks with and without and decide; ultimately, it’s your choice!

What about makeup?
-It’s important to keep your skin healthy and ready for your session. I recommend avoiding excessive sun or wind exposure and apply a good moisturizer (good advice for every day I suppose).
-Apply your makeup to achieve a look as natural as possible, your normal daily look.
-Come in with light, natural-looking makeup already done. You can hire someone or do your own and you can always touch up makeup during the session if needed.
-Should a blemish appear on the day of your session, don’t panic and attempt to hide it with heavy makeup, it can be retouched.

What about my hair?
-Come to the session with your hair clean and dry, styled as you normally do. The day of your session is probably not the best day to experiment with a new look unless a completely different look is what you are going for.
-The same applies to men. Additionally, men ensure you shave early enough for any redness or irritation to go away.

Final thoughts.
-It’s important to get enough sleep prior to your photo session.
-I will provide posing guidance and direction in an effort to attain the look you are after.